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Pebruary 2016 Highlights in Tanah Lot PDF Print E-mail

templeaPebruary 4, Sugian Jawa, is the ceremonies that are performed to cleanse the bhuana agung (the environment of the individual human being, or macro-cosmos) and the bhuana alit (the micro-cosmos or the inner world of the individual human being) of negativity, and at the same time to create awareness of one's sacred inner power. The three Sugian ceremonies are (sequential). The word jawa here is equal to the word jaba (= 'outside') and refers to the bhuana agung or macro-cosmos, which is the environment of the individual human being (the counterpart of the inner world of the individual human being, the micro-cosmos or bhuana alit).

Umanis Galungan Day in Tanah Lot PDF Print E-mail

manisgOn Umanis Galungan day, many visitor enjoying their holiday at Tanah Lot Bali. Most of them are domestic  visitor from local Bali and some are foreigner. Most visitor that came to Tanah Lot, have been visiting Tanah Lot before. Besides to seeing unique temple and beautiful sunset, they also want to shoping at Tanah Lot Art Market. Seen from amount of visitor, amount of visit for this moment are increase compared with day before. Because of the holiday, most people usually spent their time with their family while they having vacation. Because of the situation, parking area fullfilled with vehicle.


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