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Saiban : Daily Offering in Tanah Lot PDF Print E-mail

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The Saiban is a type of Mabyakala belonging to the category of Bhuta Yadnya ceremonies in Tanah Lot. This ceremony is performed every day and is intended to bring safety and well-being to the household and its family members. The ceremony is performed twice, once during the morning hours, the second time at dusk. The offerings consist of minimal three sets segehan in the form of banten pekidih or canang jotan which are prepared during the morning hours while cooking the meals. Each segehan contains two small portions of the nasi and a little of the side dishes that are being cooked.


Feng Shui a la Tanah Lot Peoples PDF Print E-mail

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The position of a house compound and its surrounding environments are important aspect to be considered when a tanah lot people want to buy a land for a house compound or determining the position or the layout of the house compound. There are some taboos in relation with determining the position of the house compound that based on Asta Kosala Kosali ( Balinese Feng Shui) manuscript and widely observed by tanah lot peoples. Among those taboos the most important are:It is dangerous to have a house compound that facing a road line, this position is called “tumbak rurung” literally in English means ” speared by the road”.


There is a belief that invisible supernatural beings that also use the road and unfortunately they can only move in straight line. Since the position of a “tumbak rurung” house compound is just like blocking the road, than the invisible being can enter the house, and making trouble to inhabitant of the house compound. Tanah Lot peoples who has a house compound in this position usually build a small shrine just in front of the house toward the direction of the road. At and put offering daily on it to appease the incoming invisible beings.


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