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"Klepon", Sweet Unique Cake PDF Print E-mail

Active ImageKlepon is one of  favorite meal in Bali specially in rural area like Beraban village. Klepon become unique cake because this meal usually not always available every day except there are some order from customer or some event like custom ceremony or other religious event.


But in Tanah Lot, merchant of klepon always available every day. Most of them usually from Beraban village and surrounding. And the merchant usually women who can make this cake. Cause domestic visitor or foreigner usually like this cake very much. The excellence of klepon lay on its form and its taste. Cause inside of klepon there are sugar, in Balinese people called “Gula Bali” which cause that sweet tasty.


Coconut, The Most Important Plant in Tanah Lot PDF Print E-mail

Active ImageNyuh, is Balinese name for coconut, this plant is the life of Balinese in Tanah Lot. All part of this plant is important for Balinese life and ceremony in Tanah Lot. But let me begin with general information on coconut in Balinese life in Tanah Lot. The name of a Coconut species in Bali is determined by the color of its fruit especially the fibrous husk while the fruit is still young since it is difficult to differentiate the color of the husk when it is already mature. A species of coconut that produces a green colored fibrous husk fruit is called “nyuh gadang”, green coconut. A coconut with yellow fibrous husk is called “nyuh gading”, yellow coconut. A coconut with red fibrous husk is called “nyuh udang” prawn coconut, since prawn has red skin and a coconut with white fibrous husk is called “nyuh bulan” or moon coconut.

There are twelve varieties of coconut based on its color and size known by Balinese in Tanah Lot. Balinese in tanah lot have a specific name for each part of coconut and each stage of its growth. Let us begin with the tree; a coconut sprout is called “Pujer”, a young coconut tree is called “tubuh” while a mature one is called “punyan nyuh”. Now the fruit, a very young coconut is called “bungsil”, older coconut but still not ready to eat is called “bungkak”, young mature coconut with soft meat and fresh water is called “kuwud” and the fully mature one is called “nyuh”; Part of coconut also has specific name, the fibrous husk iscalled “sambuk” while the hard shell is called “kau” Lets move on to the leaf, young coconut leaf is called “busung” the mature one is called “selepan” and the dried one is called “danyuh”, while the spine of cocnut leaf is called “lidi”. Other parts of coconut tree are “bungan nyuh” or the coconut flower while the woody spathe that protects the coconut flower is called “keloping”. The root of coconut tree is called “akah nyuh” while branch that hold the coconut is called “paang”.


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