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Beji: Holy Water Source in Tanah Lot PDF Print E-mail



 In front of Tanah Lot temple is a source of naturally water which can also called Beji. This holy water is used as tirta which is one means of prayer. Tourists who visit Tanah Lot can also take the holy water, which can be drunk or to wash his face. Besides that, tourists also can pray here. Usually take the holy water, you will be given bija and jepun flower by officers who keep Beji. All of officer isp Pengemong in Tanah Lot temple. They take turns keeping Beji of the morning when the sea water receded until the afternoon. This holy water source you can only reach at low tide.

On religious holidays, many Hindus people from the Beraban village or from outside of Beraban who came to take the holy water as a supplementary means of a ceremony at his home.  Hindu people in Tanah Lot who want to get a holy water from this spring must present a set of offering to this temple or shrine and ask permission from the God who resides in this temple or shrine.  At ceremony in Tanah Lot temple, beji in front of this temple is also used as a place to ngebejian. Ngebejian Ida Bethara is cleaning all of equipment that will used for ceremony to Beji or source of holy water that exist at Tanah Lot temple. Communities around Tanah Lot believed this holy water can provide for the health and safety of the body and life.

Happy Hours : A Regular Promotional Event at Tanah Lot PDF Print E-mail

happy hourOther than improving service quality and beautifiying the area, the Tanah Lot tourist attraction also has surefire ways to attract a greater number of visitors. One of them is by providing happy hours. "This activity serves as a form of appreciation to visitors that have chosen Tanah Lot as their destination, "said Operations Manager of Tanah Lot, Toya Adnyana, recently.

Toya Adnyana said the happy hours event was usually held on regular basis every happy hour1 month by taking certain time such as the weekend or public holidays. Venue of the implementation was also always moved to avoid monotony. Thus, it gave a different impression. "It aims to provide services and memories for travelers that make a visit, by serving free coffee and snacks. Similarly, there are some special souvenirs given directly,"he said.


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