Manusa Yadnya Ceremony: Ngangkid at Tanah Lot PDF Print E-mail

 Today there is a Hindu ritual at Tanah Lot is ngangkid ceremony. Ngangkid usually performed in the west penyawangan Tanah Lot temple. This ceremony is part of the ceremony which manusa yadnya series of three-month ceremony of a newborn. Part of the ceremony must pass by a Hindu man from the womb until death. The meaning of ngangkid is to required sweeping to the God which is in the sea. Imploringly holy water which its meaning as sweeping of the baby from all coherent dirt’s in baby's body or body named harsh.

Ceremony conducted at three-month-old infants 105 days or three months in a matter of pawukon. Before the ceremony performed 3 Monthly, a child also is starting at a new born ceremony, at the time kepus udel / pungsed, every month, 1 month and 7 days (all based on Balinese calendar calculation), and arrived at 3 monthly ceremony. After the ceremony was also conducted quarterly ceremonies until finally died. At 3 months according to the ceremony of the Balinese belief, the child begins to set the ground at this age. At that time the child began to be introduced to nature and one of them is the sea. Introduction to the sea marked by a ceremony this ngangkid. Through this ceremony pronounced 3 monthly gratitude to "Nyama bajang". Nyama bajang where this is the brother of the baby is always protected from birth until death.

In ngangkid ceremony, baby realized as small bole which swept away to middle of the sea then lifted or "diangkid" from the sea by priest and the parent of baby to continent so that its referred as Ngangkid. After that, baby and the parents will doing some procession, like natab bebantenan and last is praying (manca sembah) to required safety to guard of the ocean. Ngangkid ceremony is usually performed in the morning before the ceremony conducted at three months in mrajan at home or can also be done on the previous afternoon. All procession is led by the priest.