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Active ImageThe wind blows quite hard recently in Tanah Lot Bali, older people who know the characteristics of each month in a year complained: “It is already Kaulu (eighth month of traditional Caka calendar) everything should be clean and nice, but this strong wind, dark clouds, sudden downpour of rain, what all these thing all about!” Yes, of course, they are right as always; in this month, the weather should be clean and nice but what can we do with the weather except talking and complaining.

This strong wind, however, creates many beautiful things to see. There are many clouds appear in beautiful formations, fill up the sky, creating beautiful views to behold. Kaulu, the eighth month in traditional Caka calendar usually falls in February. This is the month of wild wind and torrent rain. The strong wind of Kaulu (February) will create a turbulent sea and exceptionally high and strong waves. The wind of Kaulu (February) adds more turbulent touch to the ferocious wind of Kapitu (January).

The turbulent wind of Kaulu is much stronger than the wind of Kapitu. A threat of typhoon sent from the Australia sometimes manifest into reality. The wind of Kaulu (February) will create a turbulent see and exceptionally high and strong waves.



Tanah Lot peoples poets usually use this turbulent sea to describe the turbulent feeling of broken heart, the verse from the poet mainly mainly use this clause, ‘sakadi ampehang ombak sasih ulu‘ translated literally into ‘as blown by the wave of 8th month’. The Kaulu (February) not just brings a turbulent wind but also torrent rain with lightning and thunder. Sun seldom appears in this month. ‘Basah Gede‘ or ‘Big Wet’ is the name given to this month by the traditional Balinese and Javanese astrologers. The great wind and torrent rain usually occur in the night diminishing the chance for tanah lot peoples to survive when a sudden storm strike, since they are deeply buried in their dream.

Bhuta Yadnya ceremonies (ceremony for balancing the positive and negative force of nature) will be held all over the island to appease the wrath of the nature and to avoid a terrible disaster that is brought by the torrent rain and wild turbulent wind.