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 Two days ago in February 14, 2010, there are different views in Tanah Lot. At about 10.00AM seen a convoy of Hindu in Balinese traditional clothes with a variety of symbols of Hindu way of parking to the Tanah Lot temple. They are the people who conduct activities of Hindu Melasti ceremony, which originated from the Kukuh village Marga district of Tabanan. Melasti Ceremony is held in the framework mekarya ceremony  in kawitan temple (family temple) after an improvement in the temple.



They come with a ten four-wheel vehicles and several motorcycles. Their numbers are not too much because only one big family (kawitan) alone or not a village community. Arriving at public parking Tanah Lot, they walk to the Tanah Lot temple where the men took Pratima, banners, flags and other Hindu symbols. While the women took banten placed over their heads.



Since it was high tide sea water, a ceremony performed in temples Penyawangan in the south of Tanah Lot information office. Procession of Hindus who do this Melasti ceremony attracted visitors who are in Tanah Lot. Many of those who photographed the event. They seemed very enthusiastic and there were some who asked the officer information.



Melasti ceremony, which washed away all leteh ceremony (the dirty) to the sea, and purify pretima. Melasti spiritually means discard the dirt and take Tirtha amrita. That is, remove bad qualities by being self-introspection and retrospection. The ceremony was conducted at sea, because the sea is considered as a source of Amrita. cleansing symbolized by removing the chicken and black ducks. Namely, in the hope of escape from the nature of arrogance and greed towards a better direction. Bad character should be eliminated in order to get the water of life, and build a true brotherhood that reaches peace life on earth.

In addition to pray and take tirta in sea water at Melasti Ceremony various sacred objects, such as Pratima a symbol of the god, Barong and spear guns helped purified. Through a series of Hindu Melasti Ceremony hoping for the sanctity and blessing themselves to face the life in the future. All the procession ceremony completed by Reverend (Rsi) and priest of Tanah Lot temple. Melasti ceremony done until 12.00AM.