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kleponThe weather in Tanah Lot in recent days changes very quickly. Sometimes it was very hot then the other days was very cold. The drastic change of weather sometimes disturbs our immune system so our body is easy to suffer from cold and cough. Drinking hot tea can is a treatment that you can take to keep those diseases at bay. However, drinking tea without any mate is tasteless.

Balinese provides many traditional snacks to be mated with hot tea. Amongst, there is a snack which is suitable with tea. That is klepon. Klepon is one of Balinese traditional snacks. Its shape is like marble.

It is usually lush green in color but some Klepon makers make some variation on Klepon’s color. A new variant of Klepon is Black Klepon. Klepon has smooth and soft structure with sweet and rich taste. Klepon is one of favorite Balinese traditional snacks because its taste very good.


Klepon is made of sticky rice flour. It is lush green color is produced by adding Suji leaves into the dough. After, the dough is formed into small balls as big as marble, a little of sliced brown sugar is filled into each small ball. Subsequently, those ‘marbles’ are boiled. The boiling process not only cooked the dough but also liquefy the slices of brown sugar. After few minutes of boiling, Klepon is ready to be served with grated coconut on it.

Serving Klepon is serving a surprise. When you bite Klepon then liquid coconut sugar will be spurt out in your mouth. It is like you got something which you do not expect. Don’t try to bite it using your incisor with opened lips because the “blood” will spurt out and may make your clothes dirty.