Frangipani : Flower for Offering in Tanah Lot PDF Print E-mail

Active ImageBali is rich of various flowers. And there are many sides of Balinese culture using flowers as the material for instances: the offerings in their religious aspects and the decorations. As one of tropical island, Bali is also a perfect place for Frangipani, an exotic, colorful, and so identic with tropical island. For the Balinese, this flower is not only for yard decoration or hair decoration for Dancer, it is also one flower that mostly use for offerings. These trees are grown everywhere in Bali because the blossoms are very fragrant and popularly used in offerings and for hair decorations. Balinese call it Jepun.

The Frangipani is among the easiest of tropical trees to propagate from seeds, cutting, and air layering. It is commonly found in the temples. The fragrant of Frangipani now also become a potential products as one of the incense stick ingredients. The after dried flower will left a strong fragrant.