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Active ImageTanah Lot Temple usually become a place to perform religious ceremony for hindus people in Bali. Like today, there is "Nyegara Gunung" ceremony from Biaung village Tabanan. Villagers already arrive at Tanah Lot Tourism Object at 8 AM. Nyegara Gunung Ceremony is ceremony that the purpose is to notify or express thanks to the god of ocean, which called Dewa Baruna ( God which power the ocean ), that the whole ceremonial processes have been completed. Offerings are brought to important sea and mountains temples after all of ceremonial processes have been completed. Nyegara Gunung ceremony doing after "Karya Pangenteg Linggih" at the temple in biaung village have done. Nyegara Gunung ceremony representing last procession from all of ceremonial processes.

The procession of nyegara gunung ceremony start from the center temple of the biaung village where all the god symbols like keris (holy weapon for balinese people), umbul-umbul or banner, harpoon, flag, pratima (deity idol) and others are collected after used for the ceremony on that temple. All symbols are brought to the sea to be re-sanctified with the sprinkling seawater that is called with the holy water or Tirta, afterward all of it are brought back to the temple accordingly. These activity are very full of ornaments, decorations and balinese gamelan sound (gong).  

The procession of nyegara gunung ceremony just doing at Penyawang Temple because sea water is high. The priest from Tanah Lot Temple, Mangku Subagi, and priest from Biaung village leading the procession. Procession start with saying mantram for all God symbol. Then procession was continued with praying and adoring to the God of the Segara Kidul Tanah Lot by all villager. Continued with puja risandya, kramaning sembah, continued with required holy water, this was a religion figure gave holy water to the villagers. Before the ritual ceremony ended, various offerings were discard into the sea. All procession ended at 10 AM and the entourage bringing all the God symbol back to their temple.