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Active ImageThis day is special day for hindus people in Bali. Every hindus people do pray to the temple like in Tanah Lot Temple. Most Beraban villagers come to Tanah Lot Temple and bring some banten which is usually named "ngerainin".  Budha Cemeng or Budha Wage Klawu is a reocccuring auspicious day for meditation and cleansing the mind of negativity. At this day, which is also known as the day of Sang Hyang Mankik Galih who descended as Sang Hyang Ongkara Mreta to the physical world, the Balinese Hindus pray to Dewa Sang Hyang Sri Nini for prosperity and protection with special offerings.

The intended cleansing of the mind starts with a special ceremony called metirtha gocara which is performed with a canang offering and wangi-wangian, sweet smelling incense and flowers at the sangga of the family temple and the plankiran (wall temple) of the bedroom. After the metirtha gocara ceremony one offers,  a canang reresik wangi -wangian and  a canang yasa. Both offered to offered to Dewa Sang Hyang Sri Nini, and placed in the special offering space of the sanggah kemulan shrine of the family house compound temple.  

During the evening hours one performs dhyana and yoga semadhi (meditation) in order to reach the inner wisdom and inner balance that brings prosperity and protection. Budha Cemeng occurs every 35 days when the day 'Budha' (Wednesday) of the 7-day week (Saptawara) coincidences with the day 'Wage' of the 5-day week (Pancaware) of the Balinese pawukon calendar system.  

Beside local hindus people, there are many villager from other area in Bali doing tirta yatra at Tanah Lot Temple. They usually come in the morning and evening to do pray with their family.