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Active ImageIf we visit Tanah Lot Tourism Object lately, we will find different view at some place at Tanah Lot area. There are some durian merchant which sell the durian on their car and some put at the basket. This happen because now is durian season in Bali. The Durian season is now on its peak in Bali, this fruit is now everywhere in Bali; you can find it in every supermarket, roadside stall, or even on a pick up that sells durian on every roadside in Bali. You can smell its strong odor even before you see one. Durian, king of fruit is a controversial fruit, with strong pungent odor that makes this fruit banned in some hotels and restaurants, though it has a delicious taste that makes you crave for more.

Where is the forest of durian in Bali? If you have stamina for more than two hours drive, then Bangkiang Sidem and Ambengan village and their surrounding area in Buleleng regency near Buyan lake are the places where you will find plenty of durian since these areas is the center of durian plantation in North Bali. In these areas, you can find durians stalls line up on both side of the main street that runs across the villages. The stall is usually managed by the owner of the durian trees.

Besides a strong pungent smell, Durian also provides another problem, its spiky skin. It is approximately the size of a soccer ball; the skin of the durian is thick, covered in sharp, sturdy spines of dull green that yellow as the fruit ripens. A fruit is ripe and ready to eat when it splits along its ’seam line’. Inside, the fruit is divided into sections and within the smooth white walls of each section are three or four large, glossy, cream-beige seeds, each one enclosed in a custard-like covering that can be pale cream to bright yellow in color.

A good durian is sweet and has the texture of smooth, rich custard and the flavor. The texture of the flesh that encases the large seeds is dense and creamy; the taste highly praised by all brave enough to venture past the smell. Another point to be highlighted is how Balinese classifies the durian. Most Balinese classifies durian into two categories: the Bali durian and Bangkok durian. The Bali durian is smaller than Bangkok durian but has stronger flavor; some people say more bitter than Bangkok durian. Bangkok durian is bigger and has milder taste.