Fogging in Tanah Lot Village PDF Print E-mail
fogging2010To prevent spreading of mosquito which cause the dengue disease in countryside of Beraban, in this morning, performed fogging activity. Fogging doing at 6 AM. This activity sponsored by health department from Puskesmas Kediri 3 which located in countryside of beraban. Fogging started from banjar Ulundesa which located in north side or boundary of Beraban village. Fogging officer doing the activity use vehicle with five officer complete with mask and other equipments like a tube which containing with special drugs.
Fogging activity will perform until banjar Batugaing Kelod which close with Tanah Lot. All part in banjar in beraban village have been fogged too. Start from beraban community houses until every countryside of beraban corner. Officer which amount about five people seriously doing their duty.
This fogging activity use a special kind of drug which using to kill larva and the mosquitos which cause the dengue disease. Planning, fogging activity will doing continue every  few month to preventing the wide-spreading of dengue disease.

Besides perform fogging activity, already done counselling to every banjar in beraban village. The coun selling purpose to giving congeniality and clarification to villagers about dengue disease danger. Also giving a guide of prevention start from each household and until every banjar. Besides giving counselling, on that moment also gived stiker and banner to each banjar. Hope, with doing preventif action we can prevent the spreading of dengue disease. And keep our environment clean.