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leb2010Today, April 1th, 2014, all hindus people in Bali celebrate Ngembak Geni. Ngembak Geni or umanis Nyepi is the day when Catur Berata Penyepian is over. Ngembak Geni is the day following Nyepi where Balinese Hindu’s usually visit family and friends to forgive each other for past wrongdoings. From a religious and philosophical point of view, Nyepi Day is meant to be a day of self introspection to decide on values such as humanity, tolerance love, patience and kindness. Also in ngembak geni, people doing vacation with their family.

In Beraban village Tanah Lot, most of hindus people doing religious ceremony at the temple, in hindus named "Ngerainin". Ngerainin is devote the offerings for the God in each household and temple which exist in Beraban village. This activity usually doing by balinese woman. Coincidence, this day exact with balinese special day that is tumpek and kliwon day. After they done with their religious activity, some of them are doing Dharma Santhi. Dharma Santhi are activities of reading Sloka, Kekidung, Kekawin, etc.

Besides of that,  today hindus people also conducting vacation with family. In Tanah Lot Tourism Object today also fulfilled by visitor. Visitor have started coming from morning. Mostly is local tourist from Bali, but there are also domestic tourist and foreigner too. Because today most activity not yet active as usual including with a period of school vacation. Visitor will be crowded progressively before evening. This situation have ordinary happened in Tanah Lot. To anticipate this situation, parking staff have alerted in arranging traffic and park later.