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Active ImageDuring long weekend day to greeting New Year 2008, many visitor that enjoying their holiday visit Tanah Lot Tourism Object. Most of them are domestic visitor who came from Jakarta, and Java area, and also from local Bali too and some are foreigner. Visitor who came from outside Bali area usually come with group by bus. And some of them came with their family used private vehicle. Most visitor that came to Tanah Lot, have been visiting Tanah Lot before. But some of them said, this is their first time visit Tanah Lot.


Besides to seeing unique temple and beautiful sunset, they also want to shoping at Tanah Lot Art Market. Seen from amount of visitor, visit rank for this moment are increase compared with day before. Because of the holiday, most people usually spent their time with their family while their have vacation. Amount of visitor to Tanah Lot increase drastically from year before that is 15.289 visitor from 9.371 visitor. Because of the situation, parking area fullfilled with vehicle. Until parking staff then transferred parking to empty farm which exist close to Enjung Galuh area.