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Active ImageToday, Dalem Pengembungan Temple, Tegal Jadi, Marga, Tabanan regency perform "pemelastian" ceremony at Tanah Lot Temple. Pemelastian start at 10 AM but the followers which bring all of bebantenan which used for melasti cereony already arrive at 9 AM and then doing preparation. The purpose of Melasti ceremony is a process of nature and human cleansing, which is done by discarding all dirties with life water. The procession was started with jempana convoy and offerings, which were put to the edge beach, which the people walked up to the water.


The offerings were then put on to the prepared table. In front of  followers, led by Ida Begawan, which was accompanied by "wasi" and "sutri", led the praying by reading words, while the followers followed it silently. The procession then continued with praying and adoring to the Oneness God. The series of this ritual procession is Natab Banten Biyekaon, Durmanggala and Prayastita. Continued with praying rite consecutively, those are Puja Trisandya, Kramaning Sembah, continued with Nunas Tirta Amarta at Beji Kaler which exist at Tanah Lot Temple, this was a religion figure gave holy water to the followers.


Because the sea water and the tide is high, then praying just conducted at Pengayatan Temple or Penyawang Temple Tanah Lot. Before the ritual ceremony ended, various offerings were discard into the sea. All followers might wash their body with the water sea as the symbol of discarding all dirties. All part of ritual procession was done at 12 PM. Pemelastian ceremony from Dalem Pengembungan Temple Tegal Jadi led by priest Ida Pedanda Griya Belayu.