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Active ImageToday at wantilan Pakendungan Temple Tanah Lot there was art and culture competition. The competition was held at 9 AM and done at 12 PM. This competition are specially for elementary school students. Art and culture competition which have been done are making "Canang Sari", making "Kwangen", making "Kulkul", and making "Bojog-bojogan Sambuk". All participant already stand by at location at 8 AM because they must do renew registration before they can follow competition. At the same time, participants also gived registration number by committee. Function for registration number is to differentiating each participants which will usefull when do the assesment.


First competition is making Canang Sari competition. "Canang Sari" usually used for reguler ceremony in balinese people everyday. Canang Sari have different form with other symbol in bali named "Banten". This banten divided into two piece. Under piece have a globular form that usually given decoration on its periphery. At this piece there are "pelawa", "porosan", sugar cane, "kekiping" (kind of cake that make from rice powder), "pisang emas" (gold banana), and yellow rice that pillowed by "tangkih". Above, then filled by all kinds of flower that arranged as beautiful as possible pillowed with a " uras sari" or "uras sampian". The assesment are based on workship, accuration, equipment, and composition.


Then continued with making Kwangen competition. Kwangen is one of the common small triangular offering that used by individuals for praying in certain kinds of ceremonies containing flowers, a small betel nut, and often Chinese coins or "pis bolong". It is in the shape of a small triangular or conical folded pocket, containing flowers and other ingredients and is held between the fingers as is a flower when one prays. Kwangen are used in the Balinese form of prayer called muspa (to pray with flowers). Each kwangen must contain an urip of one Pis bolong. The assesment are based on workship, accuration, equipment, and composition.


Third competition is making Kulkul. Kulkul is a big bell made of wood to give information to the members of banjar. Kulkul is one of traditional music in Bali which usually use for communication tool. Kulkul is traditional sound which usually made from bamboo and wood. At Bali society, term of kulkul found in  Jawa-Hindu Sudamala papyrus. Some Bali papyrus also mention existence of kulkul like Awig-Awig Desa Sarwaada, Markandeya Purana, and Siwa Karma. Fourth of this Bali codex, open the important of wood have a meaning of mind in human life which is ordinary referred as kulkul. The assesment are based on compatibility of hole, art, skill of workship, and sound.


And last is making bojog-bojogan sambuk. Bojog-bojogan sambuk is one of merchandise which famous in Tanah Lot area. This art merchandise only exist at Beraban village Tanah Lot. The maker of bojog-bojogan sambuk in Tanah Lot only in banjar Batugaing. This merchandise already famous until foreign country.  The assesment are based on sketsa, form, and accuration.