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Active ImageYesterday, exact with Buda Wage was held religious ceremony at "Padmasana Parkir" and "Tugu Penunggun Karang" at Tanah Lot Tourism Object. "Melaspas" ceremony aim to required safety from the God because according to Hindu belief, if there are a new object or building must have ceremony first, before the object or building already to use. Because hinduism people belief, each object or building have a soul that must have ceremony so that given safety by the god. Religious ceremony started at 8 AM and led by "Ida Peranda Griya Perean". All staf and kelian adat from Beraban village also participate on that ceremony.


Procession started with "Ngebejian Ida Bethara" or God which guard the temple going to "Beji" Pakendungan Temple. Ngebejian Ida Bethara is cleaning all of equipment that will used for ceremony to Beji  or source of holy water with  balinese sound "Gong". The equipment are lelontek or banner, pratima-pratima or symbol of the Gods, and any other equipment, brought to Beji to be cleaned before used for religious ceremony. First all of equipment brought to beji  with pageant. At beji all pratima one by one ceremonied like Natab Banten Pabyakaonan, Banten Prascita, and Jerimpen where it contents are Kekumur, Don dadap, Kapas minyak kukus arum, Lis, Penyeneng, and Teterag, and last is ngaturang bakti or pray to the God that powering Beji Pakendungan Temple and then required tirtha or holy water so that all pratima becoming holy and ready to used for religious ceremony.


Then procession continued with "Makuh" and "Mendem Pedagingan" and located at north side of the temple. After all procession done, then all staf and kelian adat including invitation from Tabanan regency do pray. First, pray with empty hand called "puyung". After that continued with use some flower with red and white color called "muspa", and then use kwangen which consist of some flower with multivarious color, and there is money above the flower called "sesari". Pray with kwangen is part of muspa. The last is pray with empty hand again to say thanks to the God of fluency and amenity which have been given. Then continued with nunas tirtha or holy water and bija or holy seed.


Last procession is "Nuwek Bagio Pulo Kerti" and continued with brought all banten and equipment for religious ceremony like "Caru" which consist of Caru Manca Sanak and Bebangkit  and other to the river.