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 The proliferation of ceramics handicraft in Tanah Lot Tourism Object, for local people is considered the side effect of tourism. It is true that when the tourism of Bali experienced its darkest moment after the first and second Bali bomb, ceramics handicrafts has its hardest time when many workshops and factories stop their activities, the some art shops and galleries closed, and some continue to operate with a hope of recovery of tourism.

It is also true that in the earliest stage of tourism in Bali, the handicraft market of Tanah Lot was overloaded with local traditional products for the consumption of visitors who come to Tanah Lot. However, ceramics handicraft in Tanah Lot develops and became less ethno-centric, more modern and cope with the demand of the costumer with the magical words “made to order” and at the end the  ceramics handicraft in Tanah Lot find that they begins to make products for export and they have another source of income besides the local market.

Now, in Beraban village Tanah Lot, in Tabanan regency, local carvers carve the coconut coir with European art style  beside ceramics industry. The handicraft product will sent to some region in european to satisfy the demand of european market for coconut coir handicraft; and the buyers of this handicraft maybe an Indonesian tourist who happen to visit europe.

Another example is the carvers and painter in Tanah Lot area, now they have two duty that are as a carver or painter and also as a seller too. They decorated and  sell their products in the Tanah Lot  market of down under and until to foreign countries like australia.