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Active ImageIn Beraban village tanah lot adulthood, a concept that constantly appears in every community across the globe, each culture has its own parameters to determine whether its member has reached adulthood or not. And tanah lot society also has its own way in determining adultness.

As a matter of fact there is nos specific word which means “adult” in Balinese language. To denote the concept of adult tanah lot society usually use the word “tua” which mainly means “old”. Balinese considered “old” (adult) as soon as they get married, though they are only teenage but when they get married they are adult in Balinese custom and considered eligible to bear all the the responsibility of adult Balinese.

When tanah lot society get married, they take all the religious and social responsibilities (pemanes) from their parents, all community works, temple obligations, and family works is transferred from parents to newly married couple since they are now considered adult and ready to take all the responsibility from their parents.