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 Pecalang (traditional Balinese security force) is responsible for securing the traditional ceremony or events which are held in Tanah Lot.  So also in this silence day (Nyepi). From directing the traffic on the road near the venue of a religious ceremony in order to avoid the traffic jam to patrolling the streets in Silence Day (Nyepi day) are responsibilities of them. The problem is Silence Day oblige people not to go outside home. However, Pecalang in tanah lot have to go outside to do their responsibility.

Silence day is a day when people who stayed in Bali are forbidden doing activities based on Catur Brata Panyepian. This regulation consists of four things that must be obeyed. Those are:


  • Amati Geni means people are forbidden to do activities related with fire including switch on the lamp on the night, cooking, etc.
  • Amati Karya means people are prohibited to do any activity.
  • Amati Lelungan means people are prohibited to go outside their house compound.
  • Amati Lelanguan means people are forbidden to enjoy any kind of entertainment.

When people are forbidden to go outside home and to do any activity, pecalang is allowed to do that. For they have to make sure that Catur Brata Panyepian is practiced by all of people. They patrol on the streets inside the territory of beraban village tanah lot which the pecalang is assigned. And when there is any violation of Catur Brata Panyepian they will ask them-who break the regulation-to obey Catur Brata Panyepian. Indeed, what pecalang do is giving a great effect especially for children who usually use this chance to play in the road.

However, pecalang has broken two things in Catur Brata Panyepian. Logically, people who break the regulation must be, have done sins. On the other hand pecalang must do their duty. But, pecalang who are commanded to secure area of beraban village tanah lot tends to be happy because they can get together with their friend while the others can not enjoy that specialty.

Their service in Silence Day is necessary since there a many people who will break the regulation especially for children and thief, who will use that chance to conduct his action. There is no choice except using pecalang service to secure it. It is about self-controlling not to break the regulation so that pecalang will not add their sin.