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Pemacekan Agung takes place five days after Galungan Day, at the Monday of Kuningan, the 12th week of the Balinese Pawukon calendar. The Pemacekan Agung ceremony is performed to return the Kala-tiganing Galungan or Sang Kala Tiga, being Sang Bhuta Galungan, Sang Bhuta Dungulan and Sang Bhuta Amangkurat and their followers to their respective places in the invisible world of niskala.

At the same time, at Beraban village there are Melasti Ceremony. Melasti is the annual washing of the temple implements after the biggest day of the year, Galungan, and before Kuningan day. Priests and banjars from every part of Beraban village have to wash their temple equipment in the sea that is Segara Kidul Tanah Lot Temple  as part of a ritual cleansing.

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