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 Certificate of Appreciation THK Awards 2008 had presented yesterday January 16th, 2009 at Dewi Sinta Tanah Lot. The appreciation are gived to Tabanan's head regency : Mr. Adi Wiryatama and Klungkung's head regency :  Mr. Wayan Candra.  Certificate of appreciation attended by Mr. Adi Wiryatama, Mr. Putra Wirasana, Mr. Wayan Candra,  Mr. Made Sujana as operational manager of Tanah Lot, hotels which had received the award, tourism stake holder in Tanah Lot, chief committee of THK Awards : Mr. Berata Ashrama, and many other. This event started on 6 PM.

Purpose of Certificate of Appreciation THK Awards 2008 is give appreciation to the Tabanan's head regency  and Klungkung's head regency, according to commitment of both head regency in environment friendly programs on Tri Hita Karana perspective which proved with one of the tourism object in Tabanan (Tanah Lot) and Klungkung (Nusa Lembongan resort) is capable of reaching the emerald awards as the highest award of Tri Hita Karana Awards.

So far presentation of THK awards has brought positive impact to hotel industry. In addition to better business climate, almost all hotels which once received the award have never had internal problem. “There have been internal improvements in the hotels including harmonious relationship between the hotel and community of surrounding residents,” sand the Chairman of Organizing Committee of THK Tourism Awards, Berata Ashrama.