Religious Day: Anggara Kasih Tambir in Tanah Lot PDF Print E-mail

 Today is a holy day for Hindus. Because today is the day of Anggara kasih Tambir or Tuesday kliwon wuku Tambir Wuku (according to the Balinese calendar). Anggara kasih Tambir fall in Tuesday kliwon, once in every 210 days. On this day Hindus make offerings to bring pretense called ngerainin, which is conducted every holy day anggara kasih coming. Beside that, Hindus people also make offering to mrajan in their house.

In Anggara Kasih days Hindus people worship God as a manifestation of religious Ludra. This day is also a payogan God of Rudra. He is doing yoga to remove any dirt that staining of the Universe. The Hindus are also expected to perform yoga, in an attempt to neutralize the forces that affect the dirty polluted the sanctity of human physical and spiritual.

At Tanah Lot, seen many Hindus who brought offerings in order to pray to the Tanah Lot temple. They are prayers to invoke the safety and prosperous life. The Hindus who pray to the Tanah Lot temple, in addition to the local community Beraban, also  Hindus from outside Beraban. They come with a family  to tirta yatra to the others temple that close to Tanah Lot temple.

On holy days of Hindus, besides the Hindu community there are also the foreign tourists who come worship at the Tanah Lot temple. Of course they pray or go to the temple area by using the traditional Balinese dress.  These tourists usually go pray because they wish and believe that by praying at Tanah Lot temple there desire will be fulfilled. For example, there are a pair of newlyweds who pray in the Tanah Lot temple and ask God to their eternal marriage.