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Based on existence contekstual, Tanah Lot Temple with its ocean named "Sagara Kidul" is source of holy water in bali called "Beji" of Watukaru Temple in Tabanan regency, there is around in coral island which become location of Tanah Lot Temple, there are two source of holy water. First, in the west of Tanah Lot Temple named "Beji Kelod" and second, in the north of Tanah Lot Temple named "Beji Kaler". Beji Kelod, is special as source of holy water for God (Ida Bhatara) in Watukaru Temple with all of prasanaka like, Ida Bathara in Pucak Kadaton Temple, Ida Bathara in Patali Temple, Ida Bathara in Wesi Kalung Temple, and Ida Bathara in Tamba Waras Temple.


Beji Kaler, is a source of mineral water which conducted to north part of coral island which become the location of Tanah Lot Temple. Source of this mineral water just finded in year 1990, when researcher of tetrapod project team doing research for  coral reef strengthness of coral island which become the location of Tanah Lot Temple. When drilling was done, after failed until second drilling, when third drilling, after drill until 10 metre depth, suddenly there are source of mineral water which its water height until 8 metre, with diameter 10 centimetre. After arranged, then Beji Kaler become a place for every Hinduism people which want to pray, doing all their ritual ceremony to requesting safety life which symbolize with holy water named "tirta pamarisudha" and "tirta pangelukatan" before entered to Tanah Lot Temple. Besides of spiritual existence function of Beji Kaler, social function and other function is since existence of holy water , for water requirement when the ceremony was done in Tanah Lot Temple, not difficult again before there are the source of holy water (Beji Kaler), cause must delivering water from the other place.


Now, according to growth of area in Tanah Lot Temple, the source of holy water (Beji) become a place which have special meaning and mysterious things for domestic visitor or foreigner. So that, many visitor usually visit this place and asking for holy water because they believe the holy water can healing disease and bring lucky for them. Visitor just ask holy water to guard that always stayed there but must with honesty and clean mind. Hopefully, it will bring healthy and lucky for everyone.