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 Active ImageWatching a dance or drama performance in Tanah Lot for a balinese is neither a matter of concentrated attention to what happen on the stage nor paying attention to the story in order to understand plot. It is a state of being, feel and enjoy the performance rather than action to ‘watch’ the performance. When Balinese ‘watch’ a performance in Tanah Lot they do not gaze with earnestness of purpose which will result on fatigue long before the performance is over. To Balinese dance and drama performance in Tanah Lot is a familiar landscape, they know what to expect, they know how a dancer or a character should moves on the stage, how long a dancer should hold a position or when he or she glances to the right or left.

While watching a performance in Tanah Lot when there are an event, a ceremony and other, Balinese can do so many things such as criticizing technical point, admiring pretty girl on the front row, talking with a friend, buying a snack from the walking sellers or eating. As nature which does not make perpetual demands on one attention, so does a dance or drama performance to Balinese. It exists to be enjoyed in various ways.


The story or plot of a performance does not trouble the Balinese in the least. They do not mind what point is taken up, nor at what point is left. The quality of a performance never depends on the story, since for Balinese there is no bad or good story. How well the story is performed is what matter most.