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 Full moon day is one day for the people of Hindu Scripture. This full moon day comes every once a month according to Balinese calendar. Alternating 15 days with tilem. Full moon is also called purnama.

Likewise with a full moon celebration at Tanah Lot. Many local residents or from outside the area who came to the Tanah Lot temple to celebrate full moon. Not only the parents, the young couple were keen to perform prayers. Equipped with facilities and facilities and infrastructure that has been prepared, and led by stakeholder. Plus mantram-mantram spoken by the stakeholder and increase the sanctity of silence  in the Tanah Lot temple at this purnama day. Until the night Hindus kept coming to the Tanah Lot temple for prayers.  

That the implementation of the full moon day in the Tanah Lot temple. Our life in this world we should be thankful to live in front of Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa as a thank you because he has given life to us as His people. He also has given the blessing and salvation every time we perform daily activities. Therefore, Hindus are always doing prayers every   day. Not only on full moon day.