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During a ceremony at Tanah Lot temple, performed the gamelan (musical instrument) called a gong. Players of these instruments amounted to 50 people. Gong in Tanah Lot Temple is performed in a special place called the Bale Gong. Gong serves as accompanist  ceremony at Tanah Lot Temple. Gong members staged group (Sekaa Gong) who came from Beraban Village. They are rotating in ngayah (played the gong in temple) from the first day of the ceremony until the last day.

Gong it self is a traditional musical instrument conserved regions of Bali by the hereditary Bali. Gong besides functioning as a maid of ceremonies, can also serve as an instrument to accompany dancing or as a separate show called musicians. The use of gamelan ( Gong) in the Hindu ritual activities basically have a very important  meaning. Gamelan (Gong) not only as an entertainer but has a very deep meaning. Gamelan (Gong) who is a symbol of Iswara Bhatara able to bring the vibrations in a ceremony. In particulary ceremony, for God, for ancestors and for human ceremony. Now almost every village in Bali has Sekaa Gong. Because  of this traditional music is a cultural heritage that needs to be preserved.  Sekaa gong members from some old and some are young. This prove that young generation also eager to preserve Balinese culture.