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The Ritual of Gratitude for the Gift of Fertility in Tanah Lot Society PDF Print E-mail



 At around Tanah Lot is a lot of green paddy field. This proves other than in the tourism sector, the public at Tanah Lot is also a profession as a farmer. According to the situated of Bali's island that is near equator, Consequently, Bali has two seasons namely dry season and wet season. For Centuries, Balinese have taken full advantage of these seasons especially in the field of agriculture. Agriculture in Bali depends highly on the availability of water that greatly affected by the seasons.

There is great difference of water availability between the dry and the rainy season to cope, with this Balinese has invented a way or two. One of many ways that applied by Balinese to cope with this difference is applying three different planting seasons namely Kerta masa, Gadon, and Pabianan, based on the seasons. These planting seasons are regulated using the traditional Balinese calendar, one rotation of these three seasons, usually needs one year of Balinese traditional calendar to complete.

Clean on Friday at Tanah Lot PDF Print E-mail

Active ImageToday at Tanah Lot area there is clean activity on friday. This activity is represent one of programs of "Kelompok Sadar Wisata" committee which have been structured last day. The activity named clean on friday, and followed by all Kelompok Sadar Wisata Surya Chandra committee including merchants which exist at Tanah Lot Tourism Object. Clean on friday start at 7 AM and finish at 8 AM. The area which have been cleaned are parking area, and all Tanah Lot Object area. This activity will doing continue every month to increase the awareness of society in beraban village and Tanah Lot area to keep our environment clean.


Sweeping started from parking areal of Tanah Lot Tourism Object and directly go to empty farm which exist in south side area. On this area, all plant which have been growth wildly, neatened used the scythe so that not bother the environment. Later, then go  to Tanah Lot Temple area and to artshop which exist in that areal until corners of resident house that exist in there. Women bring broom, while mans bring scythe. All garbage collected, besides plant which have bothered environment neatened.


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