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 Situation of the end year holiday in Tanah Lot is still packed with visitors although not as  crowded three days earlier. Yesterday from early 07.00AM was seen a few tourist buses arriving at Tanah Lot parking. These buses bring groups of visitors mostly college students. They come from Java, such as Surabaya, Malang, Yogyakarta, Jakarta, and other areas. Besides buses, private vehicles carrying family group also meets Tanah Lot parking. Note, Number of visitors yesterday, for a number of domestic visitors, while for 8.132 and the foreign visitors as much as 1.792. So the total number of visitors all of 9.924 people.

Many activities undertaken by tourists from morning until nearly sunset. One of these activities is relaxing with the family at the park around Enjung Galuh. From Enjung Galuh tourists can enjoy the panorama of Batu Bolong beach while feeling the cool breeze. Panorama in Batu Bolong also be quite beautiful as an object of image capture. In the afternoon while waiting for sunset, tourists can walk west from the area Enjung Galuh  toward the direction Surya Mandala Cultural Park. If you want to enjoy sea food, looking at the view off the coast, you can go to a restaurant Melasti in the west Surya Mandala cultural park. Sea view from here looks very beautiful with a fresh breeze.

In addition to the west, you can also heading east to the sunset terrace. From sunset terrace, you can see the panorama of Tanah Lot temple is unique. The uniqueness will increase during the afternoon when the sunset looking over the Tanah Lot temple. This scene is the most awaited by the tourists to immortalized with photographs. Or while waiting for the sunset you can sit back while enjoying drinks and food at the restaurant around sunset terrace.

Other activities is play around in Tanah Lot coast. This activities usually very like doing by children. But the children must taken care by each their parents. Even sometimes, there is visitor  which take a bath at the  moment but, remain to obeying the rules so that chastity of the temple still awake. And usually all visitor always follow the rules which going into because they belief with the magical of the temple.