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Active ImageSaturday, March 22th, 2008, yesterday amount of visitor to Tanah Lot Tourism Object, noted very fantastic that is reaching 14.008 visitors. Domestic visitor counted 12.550 people and foreigner counted 1.458 people. Most of them are domestic tourist because yesterday is the last day of holiday. This amount defeat the rank visit when Islamic New Year or Idul Fitri later which is reaching until 12.000 visitor.  Amount of visitor when the maulid nabi muhammad and the pass away of yesus kristus this time is the top rank of visit during the holiday.

Crowded situation also seen from long queue in checking ticket gate, in domestic tourist gate. In this shares seen domestic tourist rather queuing up to be checked their ticket before can enter to Tanah Lot Tourism Object. Though sun sting and the air felt very hot that noon, but visitors seen not too care about it. Visitors seen enjoy and interest to enjoying the panorama in Tanah Lot Tourism Object. All view in Tanah Lot like, art market, tanah lot temple, sunset terrace, and other place seen fulfilled by visitor on that saturday.

Besides, in parking area Tanah Lot Tourism Object, so many bus seen park there. Until bus must parking at addition park at the south side and until in front of wantilan pakendungan. Because capacities of amount of bus which park is exceed on bus park, so that must be transferred to additional park. Most of  that bus are transport passenger from outside bali that is from island of java. While visitor from local bali are using car and motorcycle.