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Active ImageToday noticed many hindus people in traditional dress and found out it is Purnama, full moon. Full moon ceremonies called purnama, are important for hindus people, who use a lunar calendar. Today is Purnama Kapat according to balinese calendar which exact with Kajeng Kliwon too. Kajeng Kliwon is the day that has these two influences at the same time. For that reason, Kajeng Kliwon has magical power and therefor is a special day in Bali. At this special day is best day to perform religious ceremony. Towering offerings called sesajen, are also brought to the temple. Hindus people usually offered sesajen to the temple (ngerainin) today and tomorrow also. Because in hindus people there are two days that are purnama and pangelong (one day after purnama).


Hindus balinese believe if you bathe in water containing fragrant frangipani flowers, under the light of the full moon, you will enjoy youthfullness and good health. Besides, today many balinese people perform "Ngodalin" (anniversary for sanggah or merajan) in each house hold. Each family will praying at their merajan to required safety from the God. At Tanah Lot Temple, there are so many balinese people doing praying from morning until nightime. They come from some area in Bali. Usually, if there are special day for hindus people like, purnama (full moon), tilem, buda wage, anggara kasih, saraswati, siwaratri, and other, there are many hindus people doing pray at Tanah Lot Temple.

Being an especially important day for both the positive and negative aspects of the world, Kajeng Kliwon is an appropriate day for the Balinese to offer more to God, with their extra offerings given in prayer. Some of the offerings made in the house compound are small woven baskets filled with glutinous rice. These are then collected to make a delicious meal in the evening called tipat. The baskets are cut open and the steamed rice is diced and mixed with vegetables and peanut sauce and served up to the family. In the morning, sea water on segara kidul is not high so that, hindus people can praying at jeroan Tanah Lot Temple. But start from 8 AM, sea water already high, so that hindus people just can pray at Penyawang Temple or Pengayatan Temple. Usually on purnama there are many fisherman fishing at Segara Kidul Tanah Lot. Besides fishing, fisherman which searching sea weed. But, this activity can only conduct on certain day, usually on purnama (full moon) and  tilem (dead moon) in October, and sea weed which able to be taken, only some just type.