A Dance for Joyful Ocassion in Tanah Lot PDF Print E-mail

Active ImageIn Tanah Lot, joyful atmosphere in a art festival is often be built by a joged Bumbung (joged bungbung). The name joged bungbung is derived from the word joged that means “dance” – joged bungbung dancer is also called joged – and the word bungbung refers to a length of hollow bamboo. Joged Bumbung is usually staged in the evening at hamlet meeting hall or on a wide open space. The joged bungbung is always performed in a paid troupe. The five or six young female dancers (joged) dance at one time, each for perhaps 20 minutes. Costumes vary, but they almost feature a mass of fresh flowers tied in the hair.

The joged is a sort of flirtation dance. After a brief solo, a dancer pulls a man out of the audience, put a sash around his waist, and makes him dance with her. There is a difference in how the dancer chooses her partner in some areas there is no sash used, and the chosen partner is only tapped in the arm with the fan to indicate that he is the chosen one. The victim always makes a pretense of protest. However, almost Balinese men know the basic dance step and styles, and often the result is remarkably artistic duet.

Joged bumbung is accompanied with rindik (called grantang in North Bali) musical instrument. Unlike the bronze-keyed, xylophone – like instrument of musical group that accompany most of the performance, the keys of this ensemble are turned length of the bamboo, struck with rubber-covered mallet held in both hands. The music is very soft and mellow. One may hear it played by a soloist as background music at restaurant. But the joged bungbung group consists of half a dozen or more of these instruments, some very large bass xylophones, several of medium size, and tiny ones to ornament the melody. There are also drums and cymbal like ceng-cengs.