Assessment of the Pakraman Village Competition in Beraban village PDF Print E-mail

 Yesterday, on 9 November 2009 is a day awaited by the Beraban community. Because on that day is the culmination of the competition assessment Pakraman village in provincial level, followed by the Beraban village. All Beraban villagers participated in this event peak. From the morning on the road Beraban village seen people passing by with using traditional Balinese dress. Preparation in each banjar had begun the day before. One of them in front of the house every citizen penjor installed. While each enter the Bale Banjar small exhibition was held in Banjar potential community in the village of Beraban.

The event focused on building assessment versatile Beraban Village located in Banjar Batanbuah Kaja. On the highway front of the building made the platform where the assessment team witnessed an event that offered by the Beraban village community. The event is presented as follows: Papeedan Gebogan, Beleganjur, The ceremony of the newborn to adulthood, show Pesangkepan (paruman / consultation), and prayers in the Puseh temple. In addition, there are also jangger dance, geguritan, and Hanuman dance show.  


Assessment process lasted approximately at 10:00 AM starting with the event in front of the building versatile Beraban Village. At about 12:30 AM assessment team members spread to banjars visited several homes to see the village community activities and their potential. Assessment of the few houses that lasted until 15:00 o'clock, and the assessment team returned to the building assessment versatile Beraban Village to close the event.