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 Tanah Lot tourism object is located in Beraban village, district of Kediri, Tabanan regency was already well known to the foreign countries. It is thought by someone who heard the word Tanah Lot temple is a beautiful panorama of the temple in the middle of the sea and the beautiful sunset. Because it was something sought by tourists both domestic and foreign countries, to the Tanah Lot is a beautiful sunset and a beautiful location to capture the moment by taking photos.

When you visit Tanah Lot, try to walk to the west through Enjung Galuh, Batu Bolong, Melasti restaurant, continue to the west until the Surya Mandala Cultural Park. From Surya Mandala you can look north and see the shape of terraces rice field. At the time of rice planting season here the view will look like a beautiful green carpet. This could be an alternative to enjoy the cool green landscape beautiful beach next to Tanah Lot. The view is precisely the fields to the west of the temple Pakendungan which is part of subak Gadon. At the time of the harvest season between September to October of this rice cultivation is used as a place to hold a Tanah Lot Kites Festival event.



In the rice fields east of the river there to the sea in the name of the river "Yeh Kutikan". The river is big enough to rock and sometimes there are people who fishing in this river. The atmosphere of a typical rice field in Bali this country, although not as beautiful terraces in Ubud or in Jati Luwih but interesting enough to immortalized in the photograph. So try to find new experiences in Tanah Lot by walking west along the coast. You'll get a different view of Tanah Lot tourism object that had been you know.