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To increase the amount of visit, Management Operational of Tanah Lot  tourist attraction always perform a promotion by media print, internet, and also other media. Promotion media which not less important is performing special event which expected can increase tourist enthusiasm to visit and follow to participate each event that performed. On the way, each event that performed in Tanah Lot tourist attraction always successful and crowded if seen from visitor and participant.


That thing, not get out of performance all related side which have mission and vision to successful each existing event. Events that have been performed are :


1. Tanah Lot 10 K 2005

2. Tanah Lot International Kites Festival 2006

3. Kecak 5000

4. Beleganjur Festival

5. Arts Performance of Tabanan Regency

6. Tanah Lot 3 days

7. Tanah Lot Kites festival 2007

8. Tanah Lot 10 K 2007

9. Okokan and Tektekan Colosal 1500

10. Tanah Lot 10 K 2008

11. Tanah Lot Kites Festival 2008

12. Tanah Lot Art Festival 2009

13. Tanah Lot Art Festival 2010