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 Bojog-bojogan Sambuk, is a doll-shaped bojog (monkey) made from coconut fibers. This merchandise is one of the souvenirs that can be found in stores in the Tanah Lot. This art merchandise only exist at Tanah Lot Beraban village. The maker of bojog-bojogan Sambuk in Tanah Lot only in banjar Batugaing Beraban. This merchandise already famous until foreign country.

Bojog-bojogan Sambuk made from coconuts that have been dry and contains no water. And coconut is formed or carved to resemble a monkey. Bojog-bojogan sambuk usually made in different sizes and styles or poses a monkey. For the eye made from the white shells that were slightly dark color so that the shape of the eye. Shells can be found on the beach of Tanah Lot.

Making souvenirs bojog-bojogan sambuk is potentially as unique craft from Tanah Lot that needs to develop both in terms of how it reached the market. By looking at the situation, the operational management of Tanah Lot tourism object participate in developing and preserving the craft contest held by bojog-bojogan sambuk made competition for primary and junior high school a district of Kediri. This competition held every once a year, in the context of operational management of Tanah Lot birthday.

These souvenir are common in the stalls around the market in Tanah Lot tourism object. Tourist much interested in this souvenir. With the shape and unique form bojog-bojogan sambuk is suitable to made souvenirs. Bojog-bojogan Sambuk can be a gift for a friend or used as an attractive display in the room.