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"Kelapa Muda", Fresh and Natural Drink PDF Print E-mail

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Coconut Cocktail or famous with "Kelapa Muda" is one of favorite beverage for visitor which come from local area, domestic, and also foreigner at Tanah Lot tourist atrraction. This cocktail can be drinked anytime and anywhere. Cause "Kelapa Muda" can be got at every restaurant, shop, and market that exist at Tanah Lot tourist attraction. Besides easy to got, Coconut cocktail is very simple, fresh, natural, delicious, and also cheaper than the other cocktail. Coconut cocktail usually coming from coastal area because in this area the coconut tree can growing fertility. Coconut cocktail usually a coconut which still young "muda" so that the taste of this cocktail very sweet and fresh. Cause that sweet taste, coconut cocktail famous and favorite for everyone.



Clean Friday Activity Held at Tanah Lot PDF Print E-mail

jumat bersihDespite having a reliable janitor, the operational management of Tanah Lot Tourist Attraction remains to get involved in keeping our environment clean. Through the Clean Friday program every friday in the morning, the entire staff and employee jointly clean up the tourist area located at Beraban village. Operations Manager of Tanah Lot, Ketut Toya Adnyana, said the beautty and sanitation of Tanah Lot was a major concern for tourists making a visit. Therefore, his party continued to undertake Clean Friday program. "Sanitation is one of the factors encouraging the development of Tanah Lot and Bali in general," he said.

Aside from involving all staff and employees, his party also took the stakeholders. They included the traders who were mostly local people from Beraban village. "The Clean Friday program is also intended to revive the spirit of mutual assistance and sense of belonging among the community, so that the Tanah Lot tourist attraction can be well-maintaned," he concluded.


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