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obyekfotoPeople all over the world consider Tanah Lot Bali is a true paradise. Beside leisure and relaxation, Tanah Lot also offers many beautiful and romantic location for those in love to experience a unique wedding. Tanah Lot is the chosen venue for sweethearts from all over the world to be legally married. It is possible for most nationalities of the world to be legally married here on the beautiful place of Tanah Lot. Tanah Lot, which located in Beraban village Tabanan regency, become one place which usually used if there is pre wedding foto session.

Some angle in Tanah Lot which famous with beautiful sunset, very compatible for pre wedding foto session if couples want to use theme "Nature and Art & Culture".  For nature theme, some angle in Tanah Lot area which compatible for this activity such as in the rock at Batubolong area exactly at Enjung Galuh, in Tanah Lot Temple area when sea water and sea waving was high, and Sunset Terrace. Most of the pre-wedding photo take place in the morning when the sun rise happen and in the evening when the sunset happen. This place will making romantic moment with ocean and sunset background.


While, if couples want to different atmosphere, they can make pre wedding foto session with Kecak Dance background. Kecak dance as one of artistry which often show in some tourist attraction in Bali to amusing the visitor and increasing the enthusiasm of visitor to visit the tourism object. Kecak dance is an unusual Balinese dance for a couple of reasons. First, there is no musical accompaniment. The gamelan is not there. Rhythm is provided by a chanting 'monkey' chorus. The polyrhythmic sound of the chanting provides the name, 'Ke-chak'. They also act as various monkey armies in the story, and become an undulating snake in one of the pivotal scenes.