Ascension of Jesus Christ's Death in Tanah Lot PDF Print E-mail
lebaran1The Indonesian government officially recognizes five religions: Islam, Protestant, Catholic, Buddhist and Hindu. Some of these are national holidays, others are not. Many of these dates change from year to year, as they are based on other calendars. The Ministry of Religion decides the dates on which religious holidays will be held each year. The following are faith-based holidays that are national holidays (tanggal merah) in Indonesia. And today is commemorates the day Jesus ascended into Heaven or in Indonesian named "Kenaikan Yesus Kristus". Today is a holiday for most people in the world including in Bali.

Most people both christian and other religion usually spent their holiday with visit tourist attraction. Like usual, many visitor already visit Tanah Lot from yesterday. Even, there are came in the night and ready go back early morning on this day.

They spent the night in Tanah Lot. Also in the morning, Tanah Lot fulfilled by visitor. Today, sea water on Tanah Lot ocean is high and continued until 1 PM. After that time, sea water will more low that before. Because sea water is high, visitor who want to required a holy water, must wading the area which suffused by sea water. This situation not influence visitor. Most of them remain the risk defect to be able to holy water place. Because they believe, the holy water will brings lucky and benediction for them if they can request it from the priest and praying with honest there.

Besides at holy water place, visitor also seen fulfilled at front of wantilan. There is a big snake's attraction. The snake is belongs to I Nyoman Wadi. He is the owner of big snake which including into phyton type. With length 3,5 metre and weight 50 kilogram, this snake have a big body. But according to its owner, this snake is not dangerous because the snake already trained and not raise again. Visitor usually interest with this snake, proven by many visitor want to holding this snake and take the picture with the snake. With some rupiah, you will can touch this snake and take some photograph with the snake.

While the situation at  parking area fulfilled by vehicle like yesterday. This matter have happened from morning. All block, start from bus park, car park, and motorbike park seen crowded by vehicle. But that thing do not make situation become intrude, because arrangement of park always awake and observed by parking staff from operational management. This condition also giving benefit for merchant in surrounding of park. Because many visitor visit their warung to buying some food and beverage.