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Active ImageFairy sunday in Tanah Lot. Like usual, tourist fulfilled Tanah Lot Tourism Objcet. They from asian and some are european. But there are also domestic tourist and balinese. Some european tourist seen excited to take Tanah Lot Temple photo from Enjung Galuh areal precisely closed with Enjung Galuh Temple. This place is one of hot spot at Tanah Lot areal if we want take the Tanah Lot Temple photo. Meanwhile other tourist seen to gather at south side of Penyawang Temple. They excited to play at water, at the same time do some photograph with their family and also their friend. Tourist cannot reach until Tanah Lot Temple because at that time the sea water and the tide was high.


Yesterday Tanah Lot Tourism Object also visited by minister of commerce from New Zealand. He visit Tanah Lot truly to enjoying his vacation in Indonesia. He already visiting some area in Bali besides Tanah Lot. This is his first time came to Tanah Lot. Arrive at Tanah Lot Tourism Object he directly going to walk along Tanah Lot Area. He very excited with exsotic Tanah Lot Temple. This is first time he saw, there is a temple in middle of the sea and looks like encircled by the ocean. He also taking the picture of Tanah Lot Temple.



After enjoying the panorama, group of minister of commerce from New Zealand then go to traditional market ofTanah Lot Tourism Object. Tanah Lot Art Market located in surrounding Tanah Lot Tourism Object like in parking area and as long as areal go to Tanah Lot Temple. Most of merchants (shop owner) are from Beraban Village. And some are from outside Beraban Village. In this market, price of any gift usually multifarious depended of kind of gift, form of gift, materials and difficulty level. The groups chosen some painting with balinese typical style which sold at traditional market. They usually prefer merchandise or art craft with balinese style for their present if they go home to their countries.