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Tanah Lot Temple with its blue ocean that named "Sagara Kidul", besides as one of famous tourism object in Bali, also often as one place in surrounding Beraban village to performed religious ceremony. In Hinduism, each religious ceremony usually have relationship with ocean according to belief with guard of the ocean in hinduism people named Ida Bathara Dalem Sagara or Ratu Tengahing Sagara. One day in Tanah Lot area held "Ngangkid" ceremony. This ceremony take place in west side of Penyawang Temple and in east side of Enjung Galuh Temple. Ngangkid is part of Manusa Yadnya ceremony, the first ceremony for human being in hinduism people. 


Ngangkid is ceremony for the baby which already 3 months year old. In hinduism people, baby with age 3 months year old must have ceremony to requesting safety life for their baby. The meaning of this ceremony is to request sweeping to the God which is in the sea. Imploringly holy water which its meaning as sweeping of the baby from all coherent dirts in baby's body or named harsh body (Stula Sarira). Here, baby realized as small bole which swept away to middle of the sea then lifted or "diangkid" from the sea by priest and the parent of baby to continent so that its referred as Ngangkid.


Ngangkid usually use equipments and items which called "Bebantenan". There are bebantenan which usually used in ngangkid ceremony : "Bebangkit, Tebasan, Jerimpen, Suci, Daging Surya, Beguling, Bebek, Ayam."