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At the same time at Tanah Lot Temple there are activity before the Tanah Lot Temple anniversary that is on February 6th, 2008 until February 9th, 2008. Most of hindus people at Beraban village "ngayah" at Tanah Lot Temple. The word ‘ngayah’ is hard to define, it is derived from the word ‘ayah’ means ‘voluntary work,’ and the word ‘ngayah’ itself can be defined as ‘working voluntarily.’ The agenda of ngayah today is installing lelontek on every road corner which going to Tanah Lot Temple and on building that will used during the ceremony.

The ladies usually make some devoting or offering like canang sari, segehan, and any other. While the man, installing lelontek that looks like umbul-umbul or banner that defining a symbol from each God which made from some cloth usually with white and yellow color and some with black and white color. Balinese are working voluntarily as a sign of devotion to God. In the spirit of ngayah, Balinese present their time, effort and talent as an offering to God.