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Balinese Mask at Tanah Lot Art Market PDF Print E-mail

 Mask as a traditional art form in Bali is known as Tapel. The presence of the mask in Balinese society is closely related to Hindu religious ceremonies, because the yield of art in religion and society. As a strong tradition with a hint of magical rituals, usually displayed in the middle of the community is a sacred art. Efficacy of the masks that represent the gods believed to be able to give grace, tranquility and safety.

Sunset is Most Famous Event for Tourists in Tanah Lot PDF Print E-mail

 One of Bali’s most recognized tourist destinations is Tanah Lot temple. Standing firmly on a rocky foundation just off the beachfront on the Tabanan coastline, Tanah Lot is captured vividly on postcards and travel brochures. The temple is accessible on foot at low tide and is a destination that still manages to project some of the island’s most appealing views, especially at sunset. Tanah Lot belongs to a group of temples that are significant to the Balinese Hindu religion. It is where followers of the faith come to pray for the success of their crops and generally anything else that is associated with agriculture. Most Balinese have idiosyncratic superstitions and farmers in rural areas are constantly seeking blessings that they believe will safeguard their fragile livelihoods. Alternatively, urban dwelling Hindu’s often set out to visit Tanah Lot in family groups to meditate and seek spiritual guidance.


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