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The Upacara Mabyakala, also referred to as Mabyakaonan, is a cleansing ceremony that belongs to all Yadnya categories. It may be performed as the first of a series of ceremonies during a Bhuta Yadnya, Manusa Yadnya, Pitra Yadnya or Dewa Yadnya ceremony. The Mabyakala ceremony (upacara) is an excorcism rite intended to cleanse the physical content of a specific space (like temples, land or house compounds, and/or the people c.q. animals who live in that space) from the negative aspects and influences of non-physical content of that space, generally referred to as bhutakala.

In case of a Manusa Yadnya (ceremonies for people) this ceremony is usually performed at the house in front of the door, or at the Kamulan Rong Tinga shrine of the family temple of the house compound. The Mabyakala offerings (upakara) are generally referred to as banten byakaonan.