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Tanah Lot Tourism Object besides having ticketing staff who sell entrance ticket for visitor, also have checking ticket staff. Checking ticket staff include into security department. The duties of checking ticket are always court in running duty, check the entrance ticket and check off according to number of visitor which have enter, checking the ticket serial number as according to ticket serial number that sold in ticket list, doing communications ( repeat checked ) with ticket staff when awkwardness happened, doing record-list for number of tourist which entering Tanah Lot Tourism Object, executing duties of supervisor.

Entrance ticket which have been bought by visitor will be delivered to checking ticket staff to reconcil with serial number exist in list of ticket. This checking ticket located in east side of ticket gate and also as entrance to tanah lot temple area. Before entering tanah lot temple area, visitor have to pass checking ticket gate beforehand. After brand by checking ticket staff, hence visitor can enter tanah lot area.This matter utilize to prevent visitor which enter without bringing ticket and keep safety for all visitor.