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 Today, at 9 AM there were pemelastian from banjar/hamlet of Blayu Marga, Tabanan regency to Tanah Lot temple.  The pemelastian ceremony is referring to religious activity in Blayu hamlet. Melasti or Mekiyis or Melis ceremony is one of the important Balinese Hindu rituals that are held if there are religious activity on the temple or there are a speacial day. The procession of melasti ceremony will started from the center temple of the village where all the god symbols like Keris, Umbul-umbul, harpoon, flag, Pratima (deity idol) and others are collected.

The infinite symbols are brought to the sea to be re-sanctified with the sprinkling seawater that is called with the holy water or Tirta, afterward all of it are brought back to the temple accordingly. These events are very exciting and full of ornaments, decorations and balinese gamelan sound. A  coastal have been fulfilled by society that are using its custom clothes with the majority color of white. The vilagers from Blayu hamlet doing pemelastian use vehicle and after arrive at Tanah Lot, then villagers walk to the temple. Lines of villagers, men and women, young and old, walk down to tanah lot temple with their sunday-best cloth (mostly white, especially for men). The women carry offerings and paraphernalia of the ceremony, while the men carry replicas of the deities, umbrellas, spears, banners, and of course, musical instruments for enlivening the procession.

After arrive at Tanah Lot temple, then procesion continue. Tanah Lot temple priest leading all procession. Procession will start with saying mantram for all God symbol. Then procession was continued with praying and adoring to the God of the Segara Kidul Tanah Lot by all villager. Continued with praying rite consecutively, those are puja risandya, kramaning sembah, continued with required holy water, this was a religion figure gave holy water to the villagers. Before the ritual ceremony ended, various offerings were discard into the sea. All villagers might wash their body with the sea water as the symbol of discarding all dirties.

Religious procession has been an icon of Tanah Lot. It is an interesting spectacle to be seen and photographed. But, as balinese belief has it, everything has two sides, the positive and negative side, and religious procession is not an exception to this concept.