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Active ImageToday in Indonesia is Waisak Day. This is a Bhuddist holiday to celebrate the anniversary of Gautama Buddha, the founder of Bhuddism. This celebration is enlivened by religious and social activities in Buddhist temples around the country. In Indonesia, the largest Buddhist temples, Candi Mendut and Candi Borobudur, both located in the Magelang Regency of Central Java not far from Yogyakarta, are the focus of interest and attract those observing the holiday and tourists. Three major historical events are celebrated on Waisak. The first is the birth of Siddhartha Gautama. The second is the acceptance of the divine revelation under the Bodhi tree. And the third is the journey of Siddhartha Gautama to heaven.

These three big events occur exactly on the Full Moon Purnama Sidhi. Thus, Waisak is also very well known as Tri Suci Waisak or Three Holy Events. Buddhists celebrate Waisak by praying to their God Sang Tri Ratna as thanks giving for creating and maintaining the earth and its resources in harmony. It is very common for Buddhists to celebrate Waisak with the presentation of fruit, flowers and candles. For Buddhists, candles symbolize their philosophy of life, the sought-after enlightenment.

Honoured by Buddhist communities all over the world, Wesak celebrates Buddha’s birthday, enlightenment and death. The day is recognised on the eighth day of the fourth month in the Chinese lunar calendar and celebrations take place at Buddhist temples throughout Java and one of the biggest celebrations takes place at Borobodur in Yogyakarta. This spectacular Buddhist monument was built in the ninth century and provides a stunning backdrop for the occasion. The evening is particularly spectacular when the whole site twinkles with the lights of thousands of candles lit by monks and Buddhist devotees.

Today is a holiday for most people in the world including in Bali. Most people both christian and other religion usually spent their holiday with visit tourism object. Like usual, many visitor already visit Tanah Lot Tourism Object from yesterday. Even, there are came in the night and ready go back early morning on this day. They spent the night in Tanah Lot. Also in the morning, Tanah Lot fulfilled by visitor. Although the weather overcast in Tanah Lot Tourism Object cloudly and rain is fall down in early morning until now.

At the same time, sea water become a little dirty and sea waving also little high than usuall. But in Batubolong area close with Batubolong temple which become one favorite place for take some photo, seen two foreign visitor have take some photograph overshadowing Tanah Lot Temple. Although drizzle is fall down but they are not overcome that moment. Estimate rain will happen until afternoon but will not so rapid and slow down will become cloudly and fair in the evening . Temperature ranging from 25 degree of celcius.

Meanwhile the situation at  parked have started fulfilled by vehicle like yesterday. This matter have happened from morning. All block, start from bus park, car park, and motorbike park seen crowded by vehicle. But that thing do not make situation become intrude, because arrangement of park always awake and observed by parking staff from operational management. This condition also giving benefit for merchant in surrounding of park. Because many visitor visit their warung to buying some food and beverage.