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Clean on Friday at Tanah Lot PDF Print E-mail

Active ImagePreventif action to prevent spreading of  aedes aegepty mosquito which cause the dengue disease continue executed in Tanah Lot area. Like this morning, July, 25th, 2014, most merchant and staff from operational management perform an action called clean on friday, in Tanah Lot Tourism Object environment. This activity started at 7 AM and finish at 8 AM. This activity is conducted in the morning because  spreading cycle of this mosquito is after 8 AM. So that previously have  to against before. Clean on friday initiative by health department from government of Tabanan regency, help by Puskesmas Kediri 3 ( society healthy center) cooperating with operational management of Tanah Lot Tourism Object.

Sweeping started from parking areal of Tanah Lot Tourism Object and directly go to empty farm which exist in south side area. On this area, all plant which have been growth wildly, neatened used the scythe so that not bother the environment. Later, then go  to Tanah Lot Temple area and to artshop which exist in that areal until corners of resident house that exist in there. Women bring broom, while mans bring scythe. All garbage collected, besides plant which have bothered environment neatened.


"Bija" symbol of Holy Seed PDF Print E-mail

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"Mawija" or "Mabija" done after we have holy water (tirtha) from the priest at the temple that representing the last step of ceremony. "Wija" or "Bija" is a rice seed that washed by clean water or sandalwood water. Sometimes also mixed with turmeric that have yellow color so that named "Bija Kuning". Wija or Bija is symbol of "Kumara" that is the children of "Bathara Siwa". Intrinsically, Kumara mean seed of "Siwa" which stay in each human being. Mawija have meaning developing seed of "Siwa" in each human being. That seed will be able to grow and expand if its farm cleanness and holy.In each human being, there are nature of deity and nature of giant called "Daivi Sampat" and "Asuri Sampat". Growing the seed of Siwa mean growing nature of deity so that can overcome nature of giant. 


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