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June 2015 Highlights in Tanah Lot PDF Print E-mail

lebaran1June 1st, Purnama Day, or full moon in Bali is always a special day for ceremonies and festivities. Hundreds of temples all over the island celebrate their anniversary on a specific full moon each year. Since full moon is also considered as an auspicious day, hundreds of ceremonies are held in all corner of the island on this sacred day.

June 2rd, Waisak Day, Commemorates the birth, enlightenment and death of Gautama Buddha. This celebration is enlivened by religious and social activities in Buddhist temples around the country. In Indonesia, the largest Buddhist temples, Candi Mendut and Candi Borobudur, both located in the Magelang Regency of Central Java not far from Yogyakarta, are the focus of interest and attract those observing the holiday and tourists. Three major historical events are celebrated on Waisak. The first is the birth of Siddhartha Gautama. The second is the acceptance of the divine revelation under the Bodhi tree. And the third is the journey of Siddhartha Gautama to heaven.

"Klepon", Sweet Unique Cake PDF Print E-mail

Active ImageKlepon is one of  favorite meal in Bali specially in rural area like Beraban village. Klepon become unique cake because this meal usually not always available every day except there are some order from customer or some event like custom ceremony or other religious event.


But in Tanah Lot, merchant of klepon always available every day. Most of them usually from Beraban village and surrounding. And the merchant usually women who can make this cake. Cause domestic visitor or foreigner usually like this cake very much. The excellence of klepon lay on its form and its taste. Cause inside of klepon there are sugar, in Balinese people called “Gula Bali” which cause that sweet tasty.



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