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Active ImageToday, all Moslem commemorating Maulid Nabi Muhammad, on February, 26th 2010. There is no historical evidence that Prophet Muhammad s.a.w., his Companions, and the early followers after them celebrate or observe his birthday. On the contrary, Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. was careful to warn his people not to imitate other faiths, whose followers elevated their prophets and added to the religion what was not in the original teachings. Despite this, large numbers of Muslims do commemorate the birth anniversary of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. because the birth of the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. is regarded as a great blessing for the whole of humanity.

The Prophet’s birthday celebrations was first observed in the 13th century and rather than a big celebration, there are only restricted festivities on Maulud Nabi because the same day also marks the anniversary of the death of the Prophet. The most important part of Maulud Nabi is focusing upon the character of the Prophet; on his teachings, sufferings, and how he forgave even his most bitter enemies.

Today, Tanah Lot also fulfilled by visitor in the morning. Most of them are domestics from outside Bali. Every visitor  which visit Tanah Lot usually doing different activities every day. From morning until evening before sunset time. When sunset not happened yet, visitor usually sitting on the rocks in front of Tanah Lot Temple while waiting the sunset. The rocks are favorite place for visitors to having sit while enjoying the panorama or taking the temple photographs. This place also nice location to take photographs with various style with your friend or family. But if sea water is high, this place not recommended by lifeguard team because can be dangerous for visitors.

Beside of that, many visitor required holy water. This is already become compulsion for visitor which visit Tanah Lot Temple. The source of holy water is a place which have special meaning and mysterious things for domestic visitor or foreigner. So that, many visitor usually visit this place and asking for holy water because they believe the holy water can healing disease and bring lucky for them. Visitor just ask holy water to the priest that always stayed there but must with honesty and clean mind. Hopefully, it will bring healthy and lucky for them. 

In another view, some visitor seen relax and sit at garden areal which close with wantilan. This garden is favorite place for visitor to relax and enjoy the panorama of Tanah Lot Temple and the blue ocean, and as long as Tanah Lot Temple. With so many garden and with nice and good arrange, make our feeling so comfort and relax. Some children seen enjoy to joke with its friend. They are not care with air heat at that time. While a postcard merchant and photograph merchant also trying to offer its merchanidise to visitor.

After satisfied enjoying Tanah Lot Temple panorama, most visitor always not overcome to shoping in Art Market. In art market, many typical present from Bali can be obtained here, like saroong, clothes, pants, hat, bag, slipper, painting, merchandise, and any other. Tourist also like to find some merchandise and saroong to bought and brought to their countries. Art market in Tanah Lot area complete with many thing with balinese style which good for merchandise.